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DataBorg provides an all-in-one knowledge management suite that empowers companies to leverage their data with intelligent solutions.

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Turning your data into accurate, fast, reliable, compliant and secure knowledge.

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Knowledge extraction

Knowledge Extraction Made Easy

Effortlessly extract valuable insights from unstructured and semi-structured data sources such as websites, documents, and cloud tools using Databorg's machine learning-based Knowledge Extraction tools, which automatically identify patterns to create weak knowledge graphs.

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Knowledge integration

Future-proof Knowledge Integration

DataBorg's Knowledge Integration tools securely and compliantly link distributed knowledge into a single, multi-access and performant repository, ideal for use in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Business Intelligence solutions.

// Output

Data comprehension

AI-assisted Data Comprehension

Unlock the power of your knowledge with DataBorg's Natural Language Question Answering tools, accessible through conversational chat bot, intelligent search, or via API, and gain an integrated view of your knowledge repository and related data assets.

Save 80% of your knowledge workers time
Speed up knowledge integration by 1000x
Reduce error rate by 14x and get better results

DataBorg Platform Capabilities

Data Harmonization

All your data in single format ready to use for intelligent applications:

  • Knowledge Extraction
  • Cleaning
  • Deduplication
  • Linking
  • Fusion
  • Validation

Distributed Search

Search across your data silos as if they were one data source in no time.

Question Answering

Access your company's unified knowledge in natural language, one question at a time.

  • Intelligent Search
  • Conversational Chatbot
Let us help you to take your business to the next level by building the right foundation for knowledge management.

Solution Use Cases

Data is crucial for decision-making in today's business landscape. DataBorg provides businesses with high-quality tools to overcome challenges with poor data quality and unlock their full potential for success through AI tools and data-driven insights.

Venture Capital

Auto-vetting startups based on semantic analysis and data enrichment.


Analyzing trading signals based on semantic news comprehension.

Sales Intelligence

Prospecting leads and matching products using conversational bots.

Customer Support

Finding solutions for customer problems in support scenarios using conversational bots.

Human Resources

Matching corresponding job positions with applicants using peep understanding of skill sets.


Verifying factual information to promote the veracity and correctness of reporting.

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DataBorg Insights

DataBorg Platform components have been in development for over a decade
and have been used in production by our partners and customers.


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DataBorg components are being used by our partners across the world.



DataBorg helped hundreds of users to shape, evolve and better understand their data.


Annual API Calls

DataBorg components are answering over 1,000,000 annual calls.


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DataBorg helped generate over 1,000 knowledge graphs so far.

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