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DataBorg provides an all-in-one AI-powered platform for consumers and businesses that allows them to improve data understanding through knowledge extraction, integration and analysis.

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DataBorg Platform

State-of-the-art data management platform based on knowledge graphs

Knowledge extraction

Knowledge Extraction

DataBorg Knowledge EXtraction component is capable of transforming any form of unstructured and semi-structured data into weak knowledge graphs.

Knowledge integration

Knowledge Integration

DataBorg Knowledge Integration component addresses the challenge of linking distributed unconnected knowledge graphs to create a single, multi-access and distributed knowledge repository.

Data comprehension

AI-assisted data comprehension

DataBorg Knowledge Comprehension component provides a holistic but access-aware view of the integrated knowledge repository and all related data assets.

DataBorg Platform Capabilities

Data Harmonization

All your data in single format ready to use for intelligent applications.

Distributed Search

Search across your data silos as if they were one data source in no time.

Question Answering

Access your company's unified knowledge in natural language, one question at a time.

DataBorg Platform Use Cases

Content Management

Find relevant articles and information to improve your storytelling.

Expert Mobility

Get deeper insight into candidate profiles to hire better candidates.


Improve your intelligent navigation and information systems.

Sales Intelligence

Use AI assistance to increase productivity and onboarding speed of sales representatives.

Predictive Maintenance

Determine state of equipment to estimate the best time to perform maintenance.


Verify factual information to promote the veracity and correctness of reporting.

DataBorg Insights

DataBorg Platform components have been in development for over a decade
and have been used in production by our partners and customers.


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DataBorg components are being used by our partners across the world.



DataBorg helped hundreds of users to shape, evolve and better understand their data.


Annual API Calls

DataBorg components are answering over 1,000,000 annual calls.


Knowledge Graphs Generated

DataBorg helped generate over 1,000 knowledge graphs so far.