With DataBorg APIs, you can upload a text document and get entities, knowledge graph, or extremely compressed version of said document back.

DataBorg APIs can:

  • Extract named entities, or
  • Convert text to knowledge graph, or
  • Compress text using modern machine learning models

Named Entity Recognition (NER) API

NER API allows extracting a set of named entities from any given text.
It currently supports 9 languages, each language model is capable of extracting thousands of entity types.
Each extracted entity will have a type assigned. Type is returned as text label as well as Wikidata class.

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Text to Knowledge Graph (T2KG) API

T2KG API allows converting text to knowledge graph. It currently only supports English language, but is capable of extracting more than 4000 types of entities with more than 200 relations between them.
The resulting graph is returned in Turtle format.

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