APIs usage is calculated in terms of “credits,” where each document sent to the API consumes at least one credit.
See detailed description below.



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Pricing units

Your API usage is calculated in terms of “credits,” where each document sent to the API for analysis consumes at least one credit (except for WebQA that is calculated at a fixed per query rate). Documents that have more than 1000 Unicode characters (including whitespace characters and any markup characters such as HTML or XML tags) are considered as worth multiple credits, one unit per each 1000 characters.

For example, if you send three requests to the NER APIs that contain 700, 1400, and 500 characters respectively, you are charged four credits: one for the first request (700), two for the second request (1400), and one for the third request (500).

Prices for usage of the APIs are computed monthly based on which specific APIs you have used, and how many credits are evaluated using those features. The table below provides the price per 1000 units based on the total number of units analyzed during the billing month.

ProductCredits per 1000 characters
Named Entity Recognition1
Text to Knowledge Graph25
WebQA (per query)10